How I Found My Realest Friend (you wont believe who the person was)


As a young baby girl I have always valued friendships, strong lasting ones. I place a lot of value in friendships, personality tests I took attested to this. I had a best friend in middle school, we shared everything together, and we had similar values. This is thirteen years after and we are no longer friends.

First year in high school, a girlfriend asked me to be her best friend but I declined I had a sense of loyalty to my best friend from middle school. That’s how much I value friendships.

Having friends to chill and hang with is an amazing thing no doubt. In high school, I had a clique of six friends we rolled together. Literally did everything together, we went out and in together, ate together, we’d meet under the tree after school having the times of our lives. At that point in my life, I’d…

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