It has nothing to do with the devil

I was at a worship service, my eyes shut,my hands raised,my mouth opened but words failed to leave my mouth; they stayed at the tip of my tongue. I badly wanted to sing praises to my God, I wanted to say the most beautiful things to Him, but my mouth failed me. I managed to squeeze out a thank you and I lost the battle to tears. It trickled down my face, I tried, I really did. I wanted to worship the owner of my life, the reason I live, move and breathe, I really wanted to, but it seemed like the hardest thing to do at that moment. Singing praises to Him happens to be one of the best part of my service to Him, the power of praise, no word I’d use today can fathom. Instead on this evening, I just wept.

The night before I had received a heart-wrenching news, the more I thought about it, my heart broke the most. I had never been so disappointed in my entire life. I am serving God with my whole heart and might, I try my best to be in good standing with the most high God. It’s been eight solid months, I have avoided all forms of sin, I am not perfect but I fellowshipped with God every time, every day. My relationship with Him has improved greatly , I know He is with me, I know His plans for me, I know He has me but this news left me there………….

I had worked hard for it, I did not deserve it, I merited it, I was too sure about it but it was given to someone else, then I find out two months after.

Somewhere in my conviction, I felt God was putting me through ‘the test’ He wanted to see if I’d praise Him in my lows of lows. In bleak moments like that, it is usually difficult to see the bright, big picture.

We were created for God’s pleasure, to praise Him every day of His life, that’s all God requires of us. To praise Him whether we are happy, sad, excited, delighted, distracted, mourning, sober whatsoever mood you might be. God inhabits the praise of His people says the scriptures. He also needs for us to trust Him, even if we can’t see the silver lining or the light at the end of the tunnel. Trust His promises, they are revealed in the scriptures.
Moreover, He reveals His specific plans, promises to individuals depending on the kind of relationship you nurture or have with Him. If you are a close companion of Christ, of the Lord He will reveal deep and secret things to you about your life. Your knowledge will be clear about certain delays that are blessings in disguise. You would be able to depict when it is a No from the most High. When God says no, he definitely has something bigger and better, you, we just have to  trust Him. He is the all-knowing God; He knows the end from the beginning.


It usually is very easy to praise God when things go as planned, smooth sailing in your favor. But how do you react when things go sour? What will your reaction be like if you lost everything today? Would you still praise God, raise holy hands in exaltation of His name?. My pastor said when you can show forth His praise even in our lows then we are truly royal priests as described in the scripture.

You never can tell when God is putting your faith to test. Test or no test I’d like to encourage you to start asking for strength to show forth God’s praise every day of your life.

Abraham, the father of all nations was put to “the test.” God asked him to sacrifice his only son, Isaac  at mount Moriah. I don’t think I can imagine how Abraham felt when God asked him to sacrifice his precious son, the son of his old age. He had waited and prayed for years for Isaac. The kind of pain he must have felt, but he Obeyed God

Abraham had waited years before he had his son with his wife Sarah. Isaac was the son of his old age. By Faith, Abraham offered his son to God, he passed the test. God provided a ram for the sacrifice.

As God’s children, I understand the devil is angry and bitter about our relationship with God and he is constantly scheming to steal our joy and tempt us to turn our backs against God. Usually, when we find ourselves in bad situations, we find ourselves rebuking and blaming the devil. From the moment I heard the news to my shower, my ride to church and back home I was not certain the devil was involved one bit. My conviction was pretty strong that God was trying to tell me something. But in those kinds of situations our thoughts, vision are usually clouded with the rush of emotions we feel at the point. In all these God has a perfect plan for each of us.

The scripture reassures us of the crown of life just after taking the test and getting approval from God-James 1:12. God also assures us of His presence through the waters, it will not overwhelm us, through fire it will not burn or scorch us-Isaiah 43:3

Furthermore, this test helps build our patience level, hope & improve our character- Romans 5:3-4

Our faith levels need to move to level 100 like yesterday, for these promises to play out in our lives.

Lead me where my faith lacks barriers

As Christians, our foundation is based on faith, faith in Jesus Christ that He died, resurrected on the third day and through Him we can live again, through Him all things are possible. Our faith will be put to test from time to time.

We should be careful in blaming the devil for every sad situation we go through, it’s probably God testing how much of a good friend you claim to be. How strong your faith is

It took about 24hrs for all these to sink in; immediately it did I sought for mercy, for forgiveness for ever doubting Him. I praised my life out

Today I choose to be a praise bag, showing forth God’s praises in the mountains, even in the valley, and in the storm, Amen. I have no right to point accusing fingers at God, I know better than that now.

After you have suffered a little while, God of all Grace, who has called you to His eternal Glory will Himself complete and make you what you ought to be, establish and ground you securely, and strengthen, and settle you. -1peter 5:10





















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