How I walked through Depression


This state of mind is so real, its way deeper than sadness, this is a persistent sad state of the mind.

I am an optimistic individual by default, I try my most possible best to stay, think and dwell on the positive, happy stuff.

Well, I applied this from last week Saturday, up until last night( Thursday).

There is this particular stuff lately that puts me in the bad mood every time I think about it.I really cannot change anything about it at the moment, so I decided to shift my focus from thoughts of it.

Depression really isn’t a good thing; I mean it has taken so many lives in recent times. It is so overwhelming; I slipped into it and could not do anything for an hour at work that day(Friday).

I did a couple of things that pretty much worked for me and I decided to write it.

I think a couple of hormones are responsible for depression though, coupled with some external factors. Bottom line, it is your body, it is your mind, you are in control.

You call the shots!

Focus– The first thing I did was channel my thoughts towards happy things, the good things around me. Our minds are amazingly powerful, think a thing and see it come to life. You can deliberately choose the things you think. There are too many things to think, accomplish than focus on that sad stuff.

Music– This works almost every time, find you a playlist that works for you, there are loads of amazing music that uplifts the soul when it seems to wander off. Hill song, Jesus culture Travis Greene, Nathaniel Bassey, mentioning just few. Songs from these guys work for me.

Talk to someone smarter, maybe older– Someone smarter is the key word here. Usually this someone might be older than you. But then again there are peers of yours that are just smarter, have the in filling of the Holy Spirit that you can discuss the way you are feeling with. If you do not have that kind of friend yet, ask God to send you one, meanwhile you can discuss with your pastor or even your parent. Make sure you have a certain somebody you can talk to when you need to

Express yourself– Well I had exhausted all my options, I ran to the bathroom and cried, cried until I felt my chest ease. It really was a relief, if you need to cry, go ahead, if you need to scream, get it all out. Express yourself anyways you’d like, do not hurt yourself or anyone in the process though. As I cried, I spoke to God though, mumbled the words any I could, I know He was listening

The word of God -Its illuminating effect! As I sobbed through my tears, I flipped my phone on. So there is this Youversion application I am totally digging now, I just learnt about it from my sister. There usually is a verse for the day, so flipped to see what it was. It was Philippians 4: 9. I decided to read through it from the beginning down to end. I would write about it in another post… I even tweeted something I had picked up right after I had read through. Nobody would know I had just cried my heart out in a bathroom. I felt a lot better; I got back to work right after that.


Whatever is true,worthy of reverence,honorable,just,pure,lovely, lovable,kind,winsome,gracious, if there is any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, fix your minds on them~Philippians 4:8







Hello dear, how are you today? May I ask what church do you attend? Wait! Are you even a Christian? Sorry I jumped into conclusion…

Does the response to these questions tell anything about our lives? Does it influence us in any way or is attending a church service a ceremony we need to show up to just to avoid the wagging mouth of our parents, teachers or friends?

Well it was for me, going to church in high school was compulsion, I had to look like a good girl for people around me, I had to go because my parents went. It was a ceremonious affair, an avenue to wear my finest clothes since I was usually locked up inside. Show up in church with my fine clothes and shoes, chill with my friends in a corner of the class, sing praise and worship from the tip of my…

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How I Found My Realest Friend (you wont believe who the person was)


As a young baby girl I have always valued friendships, strong lasting ones. I place a lot of value in friendships, personality tests I took attested to this. I had a best friend in middle school, we shared everything together, and we had similar values. This is thirteen years after and we are no longer friends.

First year in high school, a girlfriend asked me to be her best friend but I declined I had a sense of loyalty to my best friend from middle school. That’s how much I value friendships.

Having friends to chill and hang with is an amazing thing no doubt. In high school, I had a clique of six friends we rolled together. Literally did everything together, we went out and in together, ate together, we’d meet under the tree after school having the times of our lives. At that point in my life, I’d…

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New Beginning

There is nothing like the peace of God! Like knowing everything will be fine because God “gat” me and I “gat” God. I reminisce over the last year and I am so thankful for the salvation of my soul. I am thankful for every pain I went through, every tear I shed, everything cause they all have shaped me thus far.
Like I don’t handle nothing, I just leave everything in God’s hands and trust Him completely.
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The Only Love Story. – SoundCloud

God got mad love for you. Yes, You!;)😄
It breaks His heart to see anyone anywhere else but in His presence exerting his/her rights – authority, complete joy, peace, abudance and many more.
This episode of SheSpeaks podcasts illustrates God’s perfect plan for everyone,  the dent and redemption.

Music: Last Time- Jamal  Swiss & Oz

But God shows His love for us in that while we wandered off, Christ died for our us- Romans 5:8

It has nothing to do with the devil

I was at a worship service, my eyes shut,my hands raised,my mouth opened but words failed to leave my mouth; they stayed at the tip of my tongue. I badly wanted to sing praises to my God, I wanted to say the most beautiful things to Him, but my mouth failed me. I managed to squeeze out a thank you and I lost the battle to tears. It trickled down my face, I tried, I really did. I wanted to worship the owner of my life, the reason I live, move and breathe, I really wanted to, but it seemed like the hardest thing to do at that moment. Singing praises to Him happens to be one of the best part of my service to Him, the power of praise, no word I’d use today can fathom. Instead on this evening, I just wept. Continue reading

How many bags of Ruby? – SoundCloud

God knew man just could not live on his own,he needed a helper, a companion. Someone comparable to him, God made for man a woman.

There definitely is more to a woman than just being a helper. The Scripture describes a good woman, a woman every king would want to have for keeps. A woman, every girl, or lady should aspire to be.
This podcast describes this woman and more.

Music: Last Time- Jamal Swiss & Oz🌟

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